Aug 18, 2023

What Applications Run Best on Bare Metal?

Paul Painter, Director, Solutions Engineering

Bare metal servers are physical servers that are not virtualized, meaning they don’t have a layer of virtualization software between the hardware and the operating system. This characteristic of being “clean” of overhead makes them suitable for certain types of applications that require high performance, dedicated resources, and low-latency access to hardware.


Here are Some Examples of Applications that can Benefit from Bare Metal Servers:



Database Servers:

Databases, especially those handling high transaction volumes, benefit from the direct access to physical resources. This reduces contention and leads to better database performance.


Real-Time Applications:

Applications requiring low-latency responses, such as online gaming servers, financial trading platforms, and real-time communication services, benefit from the reduced overhead.


High-Performance Web Applications:

Web applications dealing with large numbers of concurrent users and complex processing take advantage of bare metal servers to ensure consistent performance and responsiveness.


Dedicated Hosting:

Applications that require complete control over hardware resources, including specific configurations and hardware optimizations, often opt for bare metal server for hosting.


Machine Learning and AI Training:

Training complex machine learning and artificial intelligence models often demands significant computational power and memory. Bare metal servers provide the required resources without the overhead introduced by virtualization.


High-Performance Computing (HPC):

Applications in scientific research, simulations, financial modeling, and engineering often require massive computational power. Bare metal servers provide dedicated resources and minimize virtualization overhead, resulting in better performance for these compute-intensive workloads.


Big Data and Analytics:

Data processing, analytics, and data warehousing tasks often involve large-scale data manipulation and processing. Improved performance and lower latency, which can be crucial for time-sensitive data analysis.



Certain applications have an absolute need for “clean” access to the underlying hardware, and for performance that comes from dedicated resources. The HorizonIQ Team will partner with you to discuss your specific requirements and how we can help your business achieve even more.

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