Apr 21, 2015

Bare metal: The right infrastructure for big data

Ansley Kilgore

Bare metal: The right infrastructure for big data

Flexibility and performance are common themes that drive almost every large-scale infrastructure deployment, and big data is no different. The ability to analyze, store, and take action on fast, big data is critical, and a reliable, high-performance Internet infrastructure is required in order to extract valuable insights from large volumes of data.

Scalability – Adjust to changes in demand with a scalable infrastructure that can accommodate sudden increases in volume without negatively impacting performance. On-demand solutions like HorizonIQ’s bare-metal cloud offer the performance of a dedicated server along with the elasticity of cloud.

Low latency – The right servers and specifications need a reliable, highly available network to provide ultra-low latency. This is especially important for industries that require transactions and requests to take place in less than 100 milliseconds.

Performance – Process and analyze trillions of data sets quickly to meet your real-time analytics needs. Bare-metal servers offer higher CPU, RAM, storage, and internal network performance for your most demanding applications when compared to virtualized cloud offerings.

Hybridizing your colocation, dedicated hosting, and cloud services into one unified environment can meet your big data workload requirements while optimizing for scale, speed, and performance.

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