Aug 23, 2016

A Solution to the Cloud Connectivity Conundrum


Talking to clouds can be a real pain. Connecting and talking to multiple cloud providers can be even more difficult.

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Internap’s AgileCLOUD and others—they all in large part do the same thing. We can all agree that public clouds, as a technology, are all similar: they flex for demand/seasonality, allow you to scale, and shift the costs to an on-demand, pay for what you use model.

That’s great, but these clouds—despite their name—aren’t actually nebulous beings capable of independent activity. You have to be able to push data to and from with them. What is the point of them flexing, scaling and being on-demand if you cannot communicate with them in a cost-effective manner?

Typically, transit from a cloud to a colocation or hosting environment means pushing that data from the cloud provider over the public internet to your existing infrastructure. This is costly, slow, and unfortunately just like the cloud itself impossible to precisely budget for with wild swings in usage.

The solution to the Cloud Connectivity Conundrum is direct connectivity to multiple clouds.

While Internap has long been able to provide direct connectivity to our own cloud infrastructure, we know that sometimes our customers have other outside existing cloud instances that cannot be migrated. Because we want our customers to have this flexibility we have introduced CloudOption, a direct connection to select cloud providers (yes, AWS and Microsoft, others to follow).

CloudOption offers secure, rapid transit from outside cloud providers directly to your Internap colocation for a flat monthly rate. This saves our customers time, allowing them to react quickly to the data their clouds are producing while significantly reducing the costs of communicating with them.

For more on CloudOption’s availability, download the InfoSheet here.

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