Apr 23, 2019

eBook: 4 Economic Benefits of Hosted Private Cloud

Nick Chang, Editor

The cloud promised it all: flexibility, scalability, agility. These benefits have convinced many enterprises to move their on-premises IT infrastructure to the cloud. And certainly, many found that the cloud offered exactly what they promised.

For others who moved to the hyperscale public cloud—especially those whose applications have steady, predictable workloads or must adhere to strict compliance standards—capturing the benefits of the cloud without running into potential pitfalls has proven difficult.

Even harder still is finding ways to manage costs and get the cloud expertise you need to fully leverage your solutions.

Hosted private cloud is a smart way to get the benefits of the cloud in a right-sized, custom-built deployment—and with the economics to make sure your solution works for you.

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Learn more about hosted private cloud and the economic benefits you can expect from a Virtual Private Cloud or Dedicated Private Cloud, including:

  • Resource optimization through rightsizing
  • Quick deployment and flexibility for special projects
  • Expanded operational capacity
  • Efficient use of human capital and minimizing opportunity costs

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