Dec 5, 2018

The Enhanced Global HorizonIQ Network Is Here

Paul Painter, Director, Solutions Engineering

A complex, multi-site IT data center strategy is only as good as the network that weaves it together.

While the hype surrounding digital transformation and edge computing is very much justified, the fact remains that such initiatives can’t get off the ground without reliable connectivity, capacity to scale and low-latency transport. Absent these pillars of a strong network, end users and customers will be stranded on islands—forced to deal with more downtime and slower service.

That’s why access to high-performance network services is among the primary reasons organizations are shifting workloads away from on-premise data centers in increasingly large numbers.

This week, HorizonIQ solidified itself as a premium destination for enterprises in search of a high-performance network. With the completion of the first phase of our Global Network Transformation Initiative, we now offer direct connections via our high-capacity backbone between more than 100 data centers and POPs in strategically located global markets.

With an enhanced suite of connectivity products, along with our patented Performance IP technology, HorizonIQ is setting itself apart from other colocation and cloud service providers.

Introducing Connectivity Solutions

HorizonIQ Connectivity Solutions provide high availability and scalable connectivity services across our global network. This suite of solutions allows you to interconnect across our on-net sites, even if those data centers are not operated by INAP. This gives you the flexibility to be where you need to be, without having to consult with multiple network vendors or partners to interconnect sites.

HorizonIQ is among the only data center and cloud solution providers to offer this degree of connectivity across a self-maintained, highly scalable global network.

Metro Connect

Metro Connect allows you to connect to multiple HorizonIQ data centers and POPs within a metro area. Our dark fiber rings provide multiple points of egress for your traffic and help you avoid single points of failure for service within a market.

This product was made possible by our Phase 1 redesign of six major metropolitan market rings. The improvements bolster capacity, increase connectivity to more sites, and enhance protected services for HorizonIQ customers. You can explore the new rings below and learn more about each market at our data centers page.

Network Connect

Network Connect provides a link between any HorizonIQ Data Center and network POP across our high-capacity backbone. Choose between 21 strategically located markets spread across the globe. Whether you need to connect your Dallas and London offices, reach a new audience in central Europe from the Bay Area, or connect many locations in between—we can take you there via the most efficient, high-performing path.

Low Latency & High Availability With Performance IP

Performance IP is our not-so-secret weapon, and it’s built into each of our data centers, POPs, and hosted products. The service includes a blend of Tier 1 ISPs at each on-net location and is enhanced by our one-of-kind automated route optimization. This intelligent automation probes network performance in real-time, always putting your outbound traffic on the best-performing, lowest-latency route.

This is just the beginning of our network transformation. Supported by Performance IP, our global network is continuing to expand, empowering our customers to grow with us. With Phase 2 already underway, we’ll soon be expanding connectivity to additional markets and launching several new cutting-edge network products.

For now, connect with HorizonIQ, and stay tuned for more.

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