Nov 14, 2018

INAP Private Cloud Is Here

Jennifer Curry, SVP, Global Cloud Services

It’s no secret that there are good reasons for businesses to move their IT infrastructure off-premise. Whether seeking greater flexibility, scalability or speed of delivery, the move to the cloud is—and has been—in full force, with no sign of slowing down. But while hyperscale cloud providers offer value to many moving off-prem, they aren’t always a great fit for every application or enterprise.

At the same time, the ever-evolving role of IT and the need for transformation means things are changing for our customers and the industry alike—at a rapid pace. This explains at least in part the decision to move on-prem IT infrastructure to the cloud.

But to get all the benefits of a cloud solution, you need it to be as flexible and adaptable as your applications, your customers and the shifting IT landscape require. Without expert support and certified IT headcount, hyperscale clouds can be burdensomely difficult to optimize and manage.

This is why a managed private cloud is an excellent middle ground. A managed private cloud allows you to gain the flexibility, scalability, and performance of the cloud without requiring you to navigate alone the often steep learning curve of hyperscale cloud solutions.

You can offload what you don’t need to—or can’t—do yourself to your managed service provider while maintaining control over what you need. Today, INAP has an enhanced cloud portfolio, anchored by our managed private cloud solutions, which come in two flavors: Dedicated Private Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud.

INAP Private Cloud

INAP Dedicated Private Cloud offers a fully isolated, secure computing environment, with an out-of-band private network that enables remote access to your servers for offline management and administration. DPC is well-suited for mission-critical applications, complex architecture or applications with strict PCI or HIPAA compliance needs. Our Dedicated Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution is built on our DPC.

INAP Virtual Private Cloud is a logically isolated private cloud that offers flexibility and cost-efficiency without compromising security. VMware NSX technology provides perimeter protection for your isolated network within our global public cloud platform, in addition to network services such as DHCP, firewall, NAT, static routing, VPN and load balancing. In addition, INAP’s On-Demand DRaaS solution is built on VPC.

The Benefits of INAP Private Cloud

Regardless of the type of INAP Private Cloud you may use, you get all the benefits of working with an expert cloud service provider:

Rightsized resources

Solution design and rightsized environments mean you won’t overpay for resources you don’t need—solving the 1:1 app-to-instance problem with public cloud deployments and protecting your investment. Mitigate financial risk with flexible terms, CAPEX or OPEX. Spin up as many VMs as you need, when you need them.

Flexible managed services

Whether you want full control or would prefer to let us handle day-to-day maintenance, we have a Managed Services solution that will work for you. Reduce time spent maintaining infrastructure without having to choose between control and performance.

Service First Support

Service First Support begins with a complimentary assessment of your current infrastructure configuration and our white glove onboarding services. Once the solution is deployed, our always-available team of certified technicians provides deep and knowledgeable expertise—making our Service First Support a true extension of your team.

On the Road to IT Transformation—You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

IT is changing—you probably don’t need us to tell you that. But in the face of necessary transformation, how can you ensure your IT infrastructure is as agile and adaptable as you need it to be? A flexible, expert-managed services partner can be invaluable to businesses of all sizes.

At INAP, we are building thoughtful automation into our products and services, so you can have greater control and more choices. We believe that you should be able to get help when you want it and automated self-service when you don’t.

We can do the heavy lifting needed to ensure the health of your environment, provide resources you don’t have in-house and do the routine—but no less important—tasks of maintaining your infrastructure. As a trusted partner to thousands of customers across our portfolio of colocation, cloud, managed services and network solutions, we help them fulfill their purpose by providing the performance they need. We invite you to see the difference INAP makes.

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