Aug 24, 2012

Video blog: What is a CDN?


The Internet changes everything. It changes the nature of the content you create and how you distribute that content. Your distribution model becomes a global one as users from around the world demand your content. While there are new opportunities, there are also new challenges. And if you aren’t an IT aficionado, getting that content to your audience while maintaining a positive user experience is a biggie.

One of the ways marketers, e-commerce gurus, gaming companies and IT professionals alike accomplish this goal is through web acceleration technologies. One such technology is called a Content Delivery Network or CDN for short. If this term is new to you, you are in for a treat. Recently I got our own Pete Mastin, vice president of IP and CDN services, to get in the hot seat to explain just what a CDN is, how use cases have changed over the years and why it’s important for websites today. Check out the first of our new vblog series below.

Need more detail? Be sure to download a copy of our CDN Buyer’s Guide for more on the intricacies of CDN.

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