Nov 30, 2018

The Latest Gaming Hardware, On Demand and Powered by HorizonIQ

Nick Chang, Editor

HorizonIQ is excited to announce our new partnership with gaming company Blade. Our IT solutions will be powering the expansion of their next-generation, cloud-based Shadow gaming computer, which puts the latest, high-end gaming hardware within reach of anyone through almost any internet-connected device.

Gaming in the Cloud

In the world of computer gaming, performance is paramount to an optimal experience. Every year, new titles push hardware to the limit, forcing gamers to make strategic decisions about when and how to upgrade their machines. But quick release cycles for state-of-the-art hardware make it hard for even the most dedicated gamers to keep up with the often-significant investment.

Blade has set out to change all that with its Shadow gaming service. “Shadow relocates the most powerful components of a high-end gaming computer into the cloud so hardware never becomes outdated or fails, unlocking customers from the endless cycle of spending and upgrading,” says Asher Kagan, Blade CEO and co-founder.

With a simple subscription, users across multiple states get access to a top-of-the-line gaming PC, streamed to almost any internet-connected device, hosted in HorizonIQ’s Dallas high-density flagship data center.

No Lag, No Problem

When it comes to cloud-based gaming, hardware is just one part of the performance equation. Connectivity and latency, which depend on the network connection between your device and your cloud-hosted PC, have an equally large impact on the experience. Even a few milliseconds of latency can be the deciding factor in winning or losing a close match.

For reference, at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Usain Bolt won the 100-meter men’s final by 80 milliseconds—a margin essentially imperceptible to the naked eye. But ask any gamer what 80 milliseconds means—let alone what it feels like—and they’d tell you it makes all the difference.

As an anchor tenant in our Dallas data center, Blade—and its customers—are also getting the benefit of Performance IP®, our automated route optimization engine. This proprietary technology puts all outbound traffic on the highest-performing, lowest-latency path.

Together with HorizonIQ’s high-density colocation and route-optimized network, Blade is poised to expand its capabilities, rolling out service to users across multiple Southern and Midwestern states.

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