Nov 8, 2018

New Look, Expanded Services: INAP 2.0 Is Here


Today, I’m pleased to introduce INAP’s new brand identity and corporate website.  

Everything you see on—from the new logo to our enhanced portfolio of data center, cloud and network solutions—is the product of many decisions that are all anchored to a single guiding element: our mission.   

“Empowering purposeful, performance-driven IT transformations at global scale.” 

In this post, I’ll articulate the importance of this mission and share how INAP is uniquely positioned to fulfill it for enterprises across the globe.

INAP vertical black and teal logo

Transforming With Purpose

If you’ve followed INAP over the last two years, you know we’ve continually worked to position our brand and business to better serve customers, partners, shareholders and employees.  

In late Summer 2017, we changed our brand name from “Internap” to INAP. Since then, we have aggressively pressed forward with the evolution of our business. We added new flagship data centers anchored by tenants Coca-Cola and Bank of America. We strengthened our capabilities for high-density colocation and high-performance network services. And we acquired managed hosting provider SingleHop to bolster our cloud and managed services offerings.    

In a statement released today, Philbert Shih, managing director and founder of Structure Research, framed our evolution nicely: 

“INAP has built a full, end-to-end portfolio of infrastructure offerings, supported by a data center footprint that spans multiple metros and regions, and wrapped a managed services layer around it. These building blocks are the foundation of its ability to deliver truly hybrid IT infrastructure solutions.”

Our customers—along with IT departments everywhere—are increasingly taking advantage of multiple cloud platforms and data center solutions. Paramount to this endeavor: Ensuring each prong of their infrastructure strategy is covered—from business continuity and security to network connectivity and environment scalability.  

For this, leveraging a single infrastructure and managed services partner with cross-platform expertise will become essential, especially as IT’s role in organizations continues to expand and grow in complexity. INAP now has all the capabilities to deliver the infrastructure and managed services that modern organizations require.   

Performance for Your Purpose 

Central to our mission statement and brand are the concepts of performance and purpose 

IT leaders are not undergoing massive digital transformations just for the sake of change. They are motivated to innovate. They are seeking new ways to engage their end users. They are determined to play leading roles in their companies’ success.  

And they are driven by their organizations’ purpose.  

We’ve centered our first brand campaign, Performance for Your Purpose, around this insight. 

screenshot of INAP Performance for Your Purpose page

Josh Williams, INAP’s VP of Sales Engineering, explains how each of our customers’ purpose connects to ours.  

“Just as every organization has a purpose, so too does every application that enables it. We take pride in understanding the technical needs of every workload and application. It allows us to architect flexible infrastructure solutions that deliver. Through this understanding, our purpose is to alleviate our customers from the burden of data center and server management while they spend their energy on the important stuff under the hood.”

Whether deployed in a cloud or colocation model, the performance of an IT strategy depends on the performance of infrastructure—its speed, resilience and scalability. With our comprehensive portfolio, we’re equipped to deploy the performance our customers’ infrastructure requires and their customers demand.  

From day one, performance has been INAP’s guiding ethos, and that’s not changing: Nearly two decades after its first iteration, INAP’s patented automated route optimization engine remains one of the single greatest tools for ensuring peak network performance. It reduces latency, jitter and packet loss for critical applications through intelligent automation, and it underpins the low latency and high performance of our entire network. You can get a glimpse into how it works in this new animated video:

Our Brand Promise 

On our Q2 2018 earnings call, INAP President and CEO Pete Aquino confidently explained, “We are very excited about our progress to date and declare that INAP 2.0 is now on offense.” 

The enhanced INAP brand is just one outgrowth of this excitement. 

From the messaging found throughout the site and the thought leadership on our new Think IT blog to the updated visual aesthetic found in our logo and brand design, INAP 2.0 embodies the energy inside the company.  

If you take a moment to chat with us, I suspect you’ll quickly get a sense for how that energy is animating our efforts in the industry and among our community of global customers and partners alike.  

Our promise is simple: To deliver performance in everything we do.  

INAP 2.0 is here—and we can’t wait to get started.

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