Jan 26, 2017

Our NOC Rocks! Spotlight on Terryn Moser (4/5)


Editor’s note: This is part four of a five-part series profiling a handful of INAP’s talented NOC employees who are responsible for delivering “Better Engineered Support”.  At the bottom of the profile, find links to explore more interviews.

Name: Terryn Moser

TerrynMoser picTitle: Customer Care Associate Lead

When did you start at INAP? November 2014.  I first started as a CCA (Customer Care Associate).

Which INAP office do you work in, and where do you live? Seattle, WA – but I live in Tacoma.

How was the interview process at INAP? You know I’ve heard some people say it’s really tough.  I didn’t think so…but maybe that’s because I just like talking to people [laughs].

Most rewarding customer story? I enjoy helping customers every day. Usually they are calling in because something is wrong so it’s always rewarding when I can help resolve the issue and make them feel better.

If you could do anything at INAP outside of your current job, what would it be and why? If I could do anything at the company? DC [Data Center] Ops – because I really enjoy working with people and being able to interact with the customers face-to-face at the facility.

What do you like most about your job? I like the people I work with, my colleagues and the customers.  I enjoy talking to people and helping people out.  I’m a big fan of authenticity and being able to be yourself. At INAP, I don’t have to follow a script, I can just be myself and talk to people as myself and relate person to person

Who contributed to your success here at INAP?  Everyone has helped me, but specifically, Geoff Foskett – he was my trainer when I first started. He taught me just about everything I know! Geoff was always able to help me and answered any question. He still helps me whenever I need it.

What part of your job aren’t you thrilled with? My commute is awful! It takes me 50 minutes with zero traffic…but up to two hours plus with traffic! But I love living in Tacoma…. I’m two minutes from the water. My dog Gauge and I like to walk down by the water, he loves to swim and we like to walk around Chambers Bay golf course. I could never move, it’s too beautiful.

You mentioned you had a dog? Yes, my dog’s name is Gauge – he’s a 105lb German Sheppard, he needed a cool name, not a “prissy” name. 

Favorite movie? About Time

Favorite musician or musical group? Tie! Kings of Leon and Brand New.

Hobbies? I love my dog Gauge, and my nephew Jax is my most favorite person in the whole world. My best friend since I was four moved in with me last year and I’ve loved spending more time with her too.

I’m a huge football fan (WOO SEAHAWKS!) and watch the game with my mom and two younger sisters every Sunday.

Terryn is a HUGE Seahawks fan.
Terryn is a HUGE Seahawks fan.

I love to cook and bake – my chocolate chip cookie dough dip is a favorite in the NOC. I also like to make soups and pastas but I don’t share those [laughs].  I’m also an avid reader…I’m currently reading eight books

I’m sorry—EIGHT books? I know, it’s kind of crazy, but I love reading and am too eager to start a new book once I get it.

Terryn is a neat name.  Is it a family name? I’m named after my Grandpa Terry.

So why should someone do business with INAP? If they call the NOC for any reason, they are going to talk to one of our team members. We know who you are, we recognize your name and your company.  We are small enough to know our customers but large enough to have the resources to get stuff done.  So it’s very personalized service, not some huge call center in Timbuktu.

Outside of INAP, what is important to you? I really like spending time with my family.  Relationships are important to me. I really value the people I’m close with and appreciate honesty and authenticity. We’re all just trying to do life in the way we best know how. I’m drawn to people who are blunt and value their honesty. You don’t have to guess who people are or what they’re thinking. I want to show kindness and acceptance, and accept people for who they are and appreciate those who do the same to me.


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