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May 29, 2024

NVIDIA A100 GPU: Specs and Real-World Use Cases

Paul Painter, Director, Solutions Engineering

What is the NVIDIA A100?


The NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU serves as the flagship product of the NVIDIA data center platform. The GPU showcases an impressive 20X performance boost compared to the NVIDIA Volta generation.

With the A100, you can achieve unparalleled performance across AI, data analytics, and high-performance computing. By harnessing the power of third-generation Tensor Core technology, the A100 accelerates tasks up to 3 times faster—making it the ideal solution for stable diffusion, deep learning, scientific simulation workloads, and more.

Let’s explore how the NVIDIA A100 accelerates your AI, machine learning, and High Performance Computing (HPC) capabilities. 


NVIDIA A100 Specs


Specification A100 40GB PCIe A100 80GB PCIe A100 40GB SXM A100 80GB SXM
FP32 Tensor Float32 (TF32) 19.5 TFLOPS 19.5 TFLOPS 39.0 TFLOPS 39.0 TFLOPS
BFLOAT16 Tensor Core 312 TFLOPS 624 TFLOPS 312 TFLOPS 624 TFLOPS
FP16 Tensor Core 312 TFLOPS 624 TFLOPS 312 TFLOPS 624 TFLOPS
INT8 Tensor Core 624 TOPS 1248 TOPS 624 TOPS 1248 TOPS
GPU Memory 40GB HBM2 80GB HBM2e 40GB HBM2 80GB HBM2e
GPU Memory Bandwidth 1,555GB/s 1,935GB/s 1,555GB/s 2,039GB/s
Max Thermal Design Power (TDP) 250W 300W 400W 400W
Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) Up to 7 MIGs @ 5GB Up to 7 MIGs @ 10GB Up to 7 MIGs @ 5GB Up to 7 MIGs @ 10GB
Form Factor PCIe PCIe SXM SXM

What are the NVIDIA A100 GPU features?


Feature Description

Multi-Instance GPU (MIG)

Harnessing MIG and NVLink technologies, the A100 offers unmatched versatility for optimal GPU utilization.

Third-Generation Tensor Cores

Provides a 20X performance boost over previous generations, delivering 312 teraFLOPS of deep learning performance.

Next-Generation NVLink

Achieve 2X higher throughput compared to the previous generation, facilitating seamless GPU interconnection.

High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM2E)

Up to 80GB of HBM2e with the world’s fastest GPU memory bandwidth and a dynamic DRAM utilization efficiency of 95%.

Structural Sparsity

Tensor Cores offer up to 2X higher performance for sparse models, enhancing both training and inference efficiency.


What are the NVIDIA A100 performance metrics?


Application Performance

AI Training

The A100 80GB FP16 can enable faster and more efficient AI training and accelerate training on large models— up to 3X higher performance compared to the V100 FP16.

AI Inference

A100 80GB outperforms CPUs by up to 249X in inference tasks, providing smooth and lightning-fast inference for real-time predictions or processing large datasets.

HPC Applications

A100 80GB demonstrates up to 1.8X higher performance than A100 40GB in HPC benchmarks to offer rapid solutions for critical applications and swift time to solution.


NVIDIA A100 real-world use cases


Use Case Success Story

Artificial Intelligence R&D

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Caption Health utilized the NVIDIA A100’s capabilities to develop AI models for echocardiography, enabling rapid and accurate assessment of cardiac function in patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infections.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

LILT leveraged NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs and NeMo to accelerate multilingual content creation to enable rapid translation of high volumes of content for a European law enforcement agency. The agency achieved throughput rates of up to 150,000 words per minute and scaled far beyond on-premises capabilities.

High-Performance Computing 

Shell employed NVIDIA A100 GPUs to facilitate rapid data processing and analysis to enhance their ability to derive insights from complex datasets. Shell achieved significant improvements in computational efficiency and performance across different applications.

Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Perplexity harnesses NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs and TensorRT-LLM to fuel their pplx-api to enable swift and effective LLM inference. Deployed on Amazon EC2 P4d instances, Perplexity achieved outstanding latency reductions and cost efficiencies.


What industries can benefit most from the NVIDIA A100 GPU?


Industry Description

Technology and IT Services

Cloud service providers, data center operators, and IT consulting firms can leverage the A100 to deliver high-performance computing services, accelerate AI workloads, and enhance overall infrastructure efficiency.

Research and Academia

Universities, research institutions, and scientific laboratories can harness the power of the A100 to advance scientific discovery, conduct groundbreaking research, and address complex challenges in fields ranging from physics and chemistry to biology and astronomy.

Finance and Banking

Financial institutions, investment firms, and banking organizations can use the A100 to analyze vast amounts of financial data, optimize trading algorithms, and enhance risk management strategies, enabling faster decision-making and improving business outcomes.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, and healthcare providers can leverage the A100 to accelerate drug discovery, perform genomic analysis, and develop personalized medicine solutions, leading to better patient outcomes and healthcare innovation.


NVIDIA A100 price


By integrating the A100 GPU into our bare metal infrastructure, we’re providing our customers with a way to never exceed their compute limit or budget. 

Whether you are a researcher, a startup, or an enterprise, our GPU lineup can help facilitate accelerated innovation, streamlined workflows, and breakthroughs that you may have thought were previously unattainable.

NVIDIA GPU 1-Year 2-Year 3-Year

A100 40GB

$800.00 $720.00 $640.00

A100 80GB

$1,300.00 $1,170.00 $1,140.00


HorizonIQ’s NVIDIA A100 on Bare Metal servers


At HorizonIQ, we’re bringing you the power of the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU directly to our bare metal servers. We aim to provide the pinnacle of computational excellence, with unmatched acceleration, scalability, and versatility for tackling even the toughest AI workloads.

By leveraging our GPU-based bare metal servers, you’ll gain direct access to this cutting-edge technology. This ensures that your workloads run optimally, with increased efficiency and maximum uptime through redundant systems and proactive support.

Plus, with HorizonIQ, you can expect zero lock-in, seamless integration, 24/7 support, and tailored solutions that are fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

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