May 14, 2020

Webcast Replay: Providing 24/7 Visibility and Pervasive Coverage with MDR

Laura Vietmeyer, Managing Editor

The second tenet of Alert Logic’s Managed Detection and Response Manifesto states that any MDR solution needs to provide 24/7 visibility and cover all assets in an organization. INAP’s Jennifer Curry, SVP, Product & Technology, joined Alert Logic’s Jack Danahy, SVP and Chief Evangelist and Bloor Research’s Fran Howarth, Practice Leader, Security, for a discussion related to this vital aspect of cybersecurity.

In the recording below, the panel addresses what defines MDR, why it’s evolving as a form of protection and what you should expect from your MDR provider under the lens of monitoring visibility, transparency and 24/7 vigilance.


Curry spoke about the importance of visibility and what customers are looking for in terms of transparency in managed services. “Visibility is  so critical to everything we do. [They] understand that we’re going to take care of routine tasks, managing security alerts and patching,” she said. “More and more, though, they want to know, ‘How am I going to see this? How am I going to see what you’re doing? I don’t want to lose visibility even though I may be handing over control.’”

She further highlighted the provider’s role in MDR. “Our job, as a provider and as a partner, is to discuss how a solution will cover you today and 10 years from now in your journey, in your hybridization of your environment and your digital transformation,” Curry said.

You can learn more about the other tenets of The MDR Manifesto throughout the month of May by registering for Alert Logic’s upcoming webcasts here.

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