Apr 4, 2018

We got Hitched and Want to Celebrate with You!


We Found Our *Hoppily* Ever After

With all the craziness from the past week (the holiday weekend, baseball season starting, possibly Spring Break for the kiddos), it’s understandable if you missed this nugget from INAP and SingleHop:


We’ve announced our first public appearance as a happy couple. And you’re officially invited to our wedding reception. It’ll be held at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas later this month. Weddings and Vegas, it only makes sense, right?

Building a Strong Relationship

You may remember when we first announced our union back in February. We had a small private ceremony, and it was beautiful.

At that time, you may also remember we gave a small glimpse into what this acquisition would mean for you and your business.

And while our most recent announcement was made on April Fool’s Day, trust us, this partnership is no joke. We’ve spent time determining our strengths and what each of us brings to the table to make this relationship last.

“INAP established itself as a leading provider of colocation and network services, with a strong global footprint. SingleHop, meanwhile, proved itself a true innovator in infrastructure automation and managed cloud hosting.

Together, we realized we could offer a full spectrum of award-winning, cutting-edge IT infrastructure, managed cloud and network services – all packaged with the industry’s most robust multicloud Channel program.”

In other words, we are committed to combining what we do best to form a stronger company that offers a more robust portfolio of data center services and IT infrastructure solutions.

Join the Celebration

You could sit here all day and read about the many benefits of our partnership. But wouldn’t it be better to hear it from us in person?

Come celebrate our marriage with representatives from both INAP and SingleHop at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo. We’ll have food and drinks, and we’ll be showing off some of the great solutions we have to offer.

RSVP today at our official wedding website. And be sure to check out the story of how we met and where this relationship will take us.

We’ll see you there!

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