Dec 18, 2019

Year in Review: The Best of 2019

Laura Vietmeyer, Managing Editor

For INAP employees, 2019 was the first full calendar year to live out the message of our new brand identity, revealed in late 2018: Performance for Your Purpose. IT pros know that the best infrastructure strategy depends on performance—on speed, resiliency and scalability. That’s why we work to make best-fit infrastructure strategies a reality through our industry-leading automation technologies, application-centric approach to solution engineering and a managed services and support philosophy that ensures our team is your team, bringing you our expertise on demand.

Here at the ThinkIT Blog, we aim to cover topics that will assist in living out this message through thought leadership, solution specific content and original industry research. Below is a list of our 10 favorite blogs from 2019. Check it out to see what you may have missed:

What Does IT Performance Really Mean?


IT is moving into the future, growing beyond its traditional role to become a center of innovation—so then why are conversations about IT performance stuck in the past? Josh Williams, VP, Solution Engineering, explores the definition of IT performance, stating that it must transcend “speeds and feeds” to encompass what technical performance enables your IT and your company to do, or in other words, how your IT is supporting your organization’s purpose.

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60 Things IT Pros Wish CEOs Knew About Their Job

man shouting into megaphone

In an original survey conducted in early 2019, we asked 500 IT pros, “What’s the one thing you wish your CEO knew about your IT department/team?” Their answers ranged from straightforward and simple to humorous and even impassioned. INAP’s own CEO, Pete Aquino, even explained implications of the findings in an OpEd for Chief Executive.

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Infrastructure for Online Gaming: Bare Metal and Colocation Reference Architecture

Tron-like city

Bare Metal has quickly become the infrastructure solution of choice for gaming applications. It’s powerful, fast and, most importantly, easily scalable—all qualities that make it perfect for resource-intensive, dynamic applications like massive online games. And beyond that, Bare Metal offers performance and functionality at a competitive price, even when fully customized to your performance needs and unique requirements. Check out what a Bare Metal deployment for gaming might look like via a sample reference architecture.

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The Flagship Series: INAP Phoenix Data Centers

INAP Phoenix data centers

This year we debuted our Flagship Series, exploring INAP’s flagship data centers in various markets. First in the series was the latest addition to our data center portfolio—our facility in Phoenix, Ariz. The data center market here is among the fastest growing in the country, and favorable conditions indicate the boom will not slow down anytime soon. Learn about this and our other flagships by exploring the series.

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Announcing INAP Spend Portability: Agility and Flexibility for Modern IT

highway seen from above

There are times when changing up your infrastructure mix is necessary to meet your company’s needs. Launched in spring, INAP Spend Portability provides solution flexibility after you deploy your initial solution. Exchange infrastructure environments a year (or later) into your contract with our spend portability program. In this blog, Dan Beers, VP, Colo BU Operations Services, explains how you can focus on current-state IT needs knowing you can adapt for future-state realities through this program.

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Sovrn Advances Digital Advertising with Engagement-Focused Tech

INAP customer, Sovrn, provides digital advertising tools, technologies and services to help independent publishers grow their audiences and make money through engaging ad content. We spoke to Sovrn CTO, Jesse Demmel, on the company’s //Signal product, why it’s different, and the elements of their data center and network strategy that keep their business growing.

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Three Reasons Why We Built Intelligent Monitoring, Powered by INblue

INblue Launch

In July, we released our first-of-its-kind cloud infrastructure monitoring solution, Intelligent Monitoring, powered by INAP INblue, which provides greater transparency, drives results and gives IT infrastructure pros time back for what matters most. Jennifer Curry, SVP, Global Cloud Services, goes in depth on why we created Intelligent Monitoring.

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How to Implement Microsoft SQL Servers in a Private Cloud for Maximum Performance

Microsoft SQL Server

There are many considerations to take into account when implementing a Microsoft SQL Server in a private cloud environment. Today’s SQL dependent applications have different performance and high availability (HA) requirements. Solution Engineer Rob Lerner covers performance considerations to ensure that your SQL Server environment is ready to meet application, growth and DR requirements for your organization.

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New Survey Report: The State of IT Infrastructure Management

Survey Report Pages   

INAP surveyed 500 IT professionals with data center, server and cloud infrastructure responsibilities at companies in the U.S. and Canada to create the second annual State of IT Infrastructure Management report. In this year’s report, we delve further into what’s driving the decline of on-premise data centers and highlight the factors associated with successful infrastructure strategies in the hybrid and multicloud era. This report has been covered by several news outlets, including CIO Dive, Information Management and Tech Republic.

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