Apr 16, 2019

Announcing HorizonIQ Spend Portability: Agility and Flexibility for Modern IT

Dan Beers, President and VP, Asset Management

As multi-cloud and hybrid IT strategies become standard for the most agile, innovative enterprises, tech leaders must choose solutions that balance the needs of the business today with the agility and flexibility that the rapidly shifting tech landscape demands.

That’s why committing to a data center or cloud solution for multiple years is a common source of consternation for infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders. If business needs change, decision-makers rightfully fear being locked into a solution or vendor, which may require them to sacrifice agility or devote precious resources to costly, unplanned strategic pivots.

With HorizonIQ Spend Portability, there’s no need to fear.

Our new program provides solution flexibility after you deploy your initial solution. Exchange infrastructure location or hardware a year (or later) into your contract. That way, you can focus on current-state IT needs knowing you can adapt for future-state realities.   

What is HorizonIQ Spend Portability?

HorizonIQ Spend Portability is a spend portability program available to new customers. It gives you the option to switch infrastructure solutions—dollar for dollar—part-way through your contract. This will help you avoid environment lock-in and achieve current IT infrastructure goals while providing the flexibility to adapt to whatever comes next.

What solutions are eligible?

HorizonIQ Bare Metal Solutions are eligible for the Spend Portability program. Chat with us to learn more about these services, and how spend portability can benefit your infrastructure solution.

HorizonIQ Spend Portability: Use Cases

A variety of business cases exist for Spend Portability:

  • Switch part or all of your current spend to new geographic regions or data centers
  • Re-deploy applications on a new hardware configuration

Let’s walk through a few example scenarios.

Geographic flexibility

No.1: Geographic Flexibility

One year after deploying HorizonIQ Bare Metal servers on the U.S. West Coast, a growing SaaS customer sees an increased demand for service in the EMEA region.


To get closer to their growing user base, the customer shifts part of their deployment to a custom-engineered solution in HorizonIQ’s North London cloud location.

Application best fit

No. 2: Application Best Fit

A HorizonIQ Bare Metal customer needs to decommission legacy workloads and deploy newly architected applications that are better suited to a virtualized environment. 


Rather than spin up new on-demand services with a hyperscale public cloud provider, the customer uses HorizonIQ Spend Portability to reconfigure their Bare Metal server hardware, which provides a scalable, single-tenant environment tailored to the resource needs of the new applications.

To learn more, fill out the form and download the HorizonIQ Spend Portability FAQs.

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