Nov 20, 2018

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery: How the Cloud Brings Data Protection and Recovery Within Reach


Over the past decade, Disaster Recovery (DR) has matured from an abstract concept into a commonplace concern—and rightfully so, given that modern-day business is nearly always transacted online, both claimed and expected to be “always available.” Yet not so long ago, DR was something only the biggest organizations talked about, let alone could afford. What changed?

The Not-So-Good Old Days: “Traditional” Disaster Recovery

While threats of downtime have always existed for businesses big and small, the biggest organizations fully felt the effects of downtime caused by natural disasters, human error, mechanical failure, and malicious viruses that crippled IT systems. Large enterprises with globally distributed business units had very little tolerance for outages of critical systems that could affect their ability to transact business.

DR solutions were available for organizations that could afford the high price tag and had the expertise to implement their own systems. These “traditional” DR solutions came with enormous capital expenditures and required long-term investment in support and maintenance.

Smaller enterprises without these resources had to find other ways to weather an outage. Disaster recovery was simply out of reach for many businesses, and the risk of downtime was something that just became an accepted part of running a business.

DRaaS: How the Cloud Has Changed Disaster Recovery

Fast forward to today: Organizations of all sizes are conducting their business online. Nearly all IT products and services have been transformed by the cloud, making them both easier to consume and highly available.

And some good news: Disaster recovery is no exception. DR offerings can now be consumed as a service (DRaaS), and while they maintain the same benefits as traditional DR solutions, they are much more affordable and accessible to organizations of all sizes. HorizonIQ now offers two kinds of DRaaS: On-Demand DRaaS and Dedicated DRaaS.

On-Demand DRaaS

HorizonIQ’s On-Demand Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is an entry level, pay-as-you-go solution. Pricing is based on the storage and licensing used while in standby; you only pay for your private cloud resources when a disaster is declared. With On-Demand DRaaS, gain protection from unexpected downtime without paying month-to-month for redundant infrastructure.

Dedicated DRaaS

Suited for organizations with the strictest business continuity and compliance needs, HorizonIQ’s Dedicated Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) features a fully customizable, isolated Dedicated Private Cloud (DPC) environment for failover events. It delivers aggressive RPO/RTO times to minimize the threat of downtime, making it ideal for users with complex architectures and advanced configuration requirements, as well as for those who need a space for development and testing when not in use for disaster recovery.

The Value of Managed Services Providers and Our Cloud-Based DR

Regardless of which HorizonIQ DRaaS solution works best for you, you’ll get all the benefits of partnering with us.

By partnering with a cloud service provider like HorizonIQ, you can take advantage of a DRaaS solution that delivers enterprise-grade recovery in the cloud but without the high cost of investments in technology and human capital. We provide the cloud infrastructure and management expertise, delivering a complete DRaaS solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional DR. DRaaS has never before been so accessible and easy to consume.

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