Nov 14, 2019

New York & New Jersey Data Center Market Overview

Laura Vietmeyer, Managing Editor

The New York city metro area—the largest in the U.S.— requires a robust data center market to readily deliver service to 20.1 million people living in the area. The market is being driven by the financial, healthcare, media and technology industries, all looking for hybrid solutions to get the most out of their infrastructures.

The data center market in this region was initially dominated by large enterprises who operated their own facilities, but the financial crash in 2009 spurred data center providers to search the area for space and opportunities. Since then, the New York and New Jersey data center markets have begun to stabilize, with users weighing the pros and cons of deploying off-premise infrastructure solutions in Manhattan or New Jersey. In 2018, New York’s MW net absorption rate stood at 1.2, while New Jersey’s MW absorption rate stood at 4.8, according to JLL.

In Manhattan, data centers are typically built in high-rises and older buildings that have been converted to meet security and redundancy needs. In New York, providers are focused on upgrading these buildings to meet ever changing and increasing security needs. In New Jersey, a mix of turnkey and shell space, allows the market to meet hyperscale and enterprise needs.

For those considering data centers in New Jersey, specifically the northern area, its proximity to New York City, strong infrastructure and pro-business climate are all appealing factors. But no matter which location users choose to deploy, the region as a whole benefits from a strong infrastructure for connectivity due to demands of the businesses headquartered in the area.

Considering New York or New Jersey for a colocationnetwork or cloud solution? Read on to learn why we’re confident you’ll call INAP your future partner in this competitive market.

INAP’s New York and New Jersey Data Centers

INAP has seven data centers and points of presence in the New York/New Jersey metro area, with our flagship facility located in Secaucus, N.J., at 1 Enterprise Avenue.

The 101,000 square-foot flagship New Jersey data center is designed with Tier 3 compliant attributes and offers high-density configurations including cages, cabinets and suites. Our New Jersey data center offers break rooms, meetings rooms and dedicated works areas are also available at the facility. Strategically located outside of a 500-year floodplain and seismic zones, our New Jersey data center offers the high availability you need to stay connected to your users.

INAP’s New Jersey and New York data centers give you a connection to London, Boston, Montreal, Chicago and Washington D.C. through our high-capacity private fiber backbone. INAP Performance IP® and Connectivity Solutions product suite provide high availability and scalable connectivity services across our global network.

Average latency benchmarks on the backbone connection from our Secaucus, New Jersey data center:

  • London: Under 78.0 ms
  • Boston: Under 7.3 ms
  • Chicago: Under 22.0 ms
  • Washington D.C.: 7.0 ms

Download the spec sheet on our New Jersey and New York data centers and POPs here [PDF].

The flagship Secaucus, New Jersey data center also includes the following features:

  • Power and Space: 20 MW of utility power, 36-inch raised floor, fully integrated critical infrastructure monitoring
  • Energy Efficient Cooling: 1,200 tons of cooling capacity and N+1 with concurrent maintainability
  • Security: 24/7/365 onsite staff, video surveillance, key card and secondary biometric authentication
  • Network: INAP Performance IP® and Metro Connect fiber to enable high performance connectivity in metro market
  • Compliance: PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II, LEED, Green Globes and ENERGY STAR

Download the spec sheet on our Secaucus, New Jersey data center here [PDF].

Spend Portability Appeals for Future-Proofing Infrastructure

Organizations need the ability to be agile as their needs change. With INAP Interchange, there’s no need to worry about getting locked into a long-term infrastructure solution that might not be the right fit years down the road.

Colocation, Bare Metal and Private Cloud solutions are eligible for Interchange. The program allows customers to exchange infrastructure environments a year (or later) into their contract so that they can focus on current-state IT needs while knowing they will be able to adapt for future-state realities.  

There are a variety of business cases for Interchange, including a move from colocation to a bare metal or private cloud environment, or a re-deploy of applications to a new hosted environment. Geographic flexibility is a common reason for a strategic shift. For example, a company based in an INAP data center in New Jersey may see an increase for demand in its SaaS solution in in the Southeastern U.S. To be closer to its customers, the company can shift to a custom-engineered solution in one of INAP’s two Flagship data centers in Atlanta.

You can learn more about the INAP Interchange by downloading the FAQ.

Gain an Edge with INAP’s Connectivity Solutions

In a metro area that boasts a strong infrastructure, INAP’s connectivity solutions and global network can give you the boost you need to outpace your competition. By joining us in our New Jersey flagship or New York data centers, you join INAP’s global network, which includes more than 600,000 square feet of leasable data center space and is woven together by our high-performance network backbone and route optimization engine. Our high-capacity network backbone and one-of-a-kind, latency-killing Performance IP® solution is available to all New York and New Jersey data center customers. This proprietary technology automatically puts your outbound traffic on the best-performing route. Once you’re plugged into the INAP network, you don’t have to do anything to see the difference. Learn more about Performance IP® by reading up on the demo and trying it out yourself with a destination test.

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