Jan 3, 2012

Two great tastes that taste great together


Do you remember those Reese’s peanut butter cup commercials from the 1980’s? They claimed that “two great tastes that taste great together” were the next candy revolution. Who could resist chocolate with peanut butter in it? It is the perfect candy. Complete indulgence with no sacrifice.

Today, Internap acquired Voxel. Sweet! It makes me think of the sensational taste of that perfect confectionary combination. Like chocolate and peanut butter, Internap and Voxel are perfectly suited for one another. Voxel is an agile, on-demand web hosting company that allows complete mixing and matching of cloud and dedicated hosting infrastructure. With Voxel, it is possible to have a hybrid hosting infrastructure set up in minutes.

Internap is a performance and platform powerhouse. We have the ability to deliver bits over the Internet faster than anyone else. At the same time, we can accommodate colocation, managed hosting, and cloud needs at points around the globe. We can tailor our solutions to the particular needs of the customer.

Consequently, bringing together the best of “on-demand” with the best of “platform and performance” results in an IT infrastructure provider that is just too sweet to pass up.

I am looking forward to leveraging the capabilities of both companies to satisfy the palate of infrastructure needs of CTOs and CIOs everywhere.

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