Jun 12, 2015

CTOs and CIOs can finally have it all with bare-metal cloud

Ansley Kilgore

bare metal webinarFor decades, the challenges of infrastructure and operations professionals have involved an eternal conflict. You can have either cheap and efficient infrastructure, or reliable and available infrastructure, but not both. While achieving this balance is still not easy, new advancements in cloud services are making it possible to get the best of both worlds.

Performance always matters

Definitions and expectations of cloud solutions may differ depending on whether you view it from a business or technical perspective, but at the end of the day, the end-user requirements will dictate platform choices. While the cloud offers CIOs the ability to scale rapidly and optimize infrastructure costs, technical decision makers have to focus on the application characteristics that need to be translated to architectural choices.

A few considerations:
Scalability – Business and technical decision makers understand the need to make their infrastructure future-proof, from a scalability perspective. Workloads are generally not static, and must adapt to changing needs.
Openness – How open is the platform itself? The ability to programmatically manage infrastructure and determine which ecosystem you belong to are key considerations.

Bare-metal cloud: The holy grail

With emerging cloud options, you don’t have to choose between better, faster or cheaper – you can have all three without compromising. Bare-metal cloud offers dedicated physical servers that optimize for application performance. A key factor is the ability to deliver performance along with scalability and cloud elasticity. Additionally, price performance advantages offer unparalleled cost efficiencies.

Bare-metal cloud can help you achieve the best of both worlds. Learn more in the webinar recording, Considering Bare Metal as a Viable Cloud Option, featuring guest speaker, Forrester Research’s Richard Fichera.

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