Mar 17, 2021


Craig Nevels

Promotion Rules

  1. This promotion is for New Logos only. New Logos are defined as new Customers who purchase INAP services for the first time and sign a sales order with INAP on or before December 31, 2021. If a customer is currently receiving INAP services, the customer is not a New Logo and Agent will not receive the one-time SPIFF for that customer under this promotion.
  2. This promotion is applicable only to Colocation, Cloud or Performance IP services provided in INAP’s Phoenix data center located at 2500 W Frye Road, Chandler, AZ 85034, but excludes NRR setup fees and any burstable charges.
  3. Agent will receive payment 30 days after INAP receives first month’s payment from customer for Colocation, Cloud or Performance IP services.
  4. In the event that
    1. INAP pays a commission to Agent based upon revenue that is subsequently refunded or credited back to any customer or not otherwise recognized,
    2. customer disputes any payment,
    3. if any commission is paid to Agent in error, or
    4. INAP pays commissions on bad debt,

    Then, INAP may, within one hundred and eighty (180) days from the date of payment, in INAP’s sole discretion

    1. deduct or withhold the amount of such commission from future commissions otherwise payable to Broker, or
    2. require Broker to repay such commission to INAP.
  5. INAP has sole discretion to interpret the rules of this promotion. Other terms and conditions may apply.
  6. This promotion cannot be combined with any other existing promotions.
  7. INAP may suspend this promotion at any time.

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