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Break free from Public Cloud constraints with Bare Metal servers

Our dedicated bare metal servers eliminate the performance variability of public cloud, empowering your resource-intensive workloads to reach new levels of efficiency and productivity. Whether you’re considering cloud repatriation to run data-intensive analytics, powering mission-critical data processing, or scaling applications, our bare metal servers deliver the consistent, high-performance computing power you require.

Making the Switch

Why are companies moving away from public cloud?

Cloud Cost Risks

Public cloud costs can escalate due to underestimated usage and unmonitored consumption, inefficient resource allocation, complex pricing structures, and hidden data transfer expenses.

Vendor Dependency

Utilizing public cloud services ties the business to the chosen provider, potentially limiting flexibility and innovation.

Performance Variability

Public cloud instances may experience performance fluctuations due to shared resources and network congestion.

Data Privacy Concerns

Entrusting sensitive data to a third-party cloud provider raises privacy concerns in regulated industries with strict compliance requirements.

Limited Infrastructure Control

Public cloud users have limited control over underlying infrastructure, which may restrict optimization possibilities.

Operational Complexity

Migrating to the cloud can be complex without proper planning. Bare metal deployments offer a simpler transition, avoiding the need for a multi-cloud strategy.

Get Started

HorizonIQ Bare Metal vs AWS Public Cloud

HorizonIQ Bare Metal Servers AWS Public Cloud
Processor Options Wide range of Intel & AMD processors available. Limited to AWS-specific EC2 instance types.
Core Count Processors range from 4 to 32 cores. Instance types offer varying core counts, but are generally lower than bare metal.
Pricing Starting prices range from $39 to $293 per month, with 15% discounts for 36-month contracts. Predictable pricing every month. Pricing varies based on instance type, region, and usage. No long-term discounts for pay-as-you-go model.
Cost Savings Potential for up to 71% annual cost savings compared to public cloud. For smaller footprints with varying workloads, using public cloud may be more cost-effective.
Customization Ability to customize hardware configuration to specific needs. Limited customization options, with a one-size-fits-all approach unless spending at enterprise scale.
Performance Dedicated, predictable hardware performance. Shared infrastructure can lead to performance variability.
Security Dedicated physical hardware for enhanced security. Potential security concerns due to shared infrastructure.
Compliance Better suited for compliance-sensitive workloads. May not meet strict compliance requirements.
Managed Services Comprehensive set of server management and optimization tasks across three service tiers, with 24/7 support and a 100% uptime SLA. AWS Managed Services focuses more on managing the underlying AWS infrastructure rather than providing the same granular server-level support.

How much money can I save with cloud repatriation?

Scenario AWS Cost HorizonIQ Cost Savings with HorizonIQ
Moderate Use1
Web (2) $1,110.12 $189.00 82.9%
App (2) $930.88 $382.00 58.9%
DB $1,701.76 $499.00 70.7%
Total $5,783.76/mo $1,641.00/mo 71.6%
Light Use2
Web $155.80 $89.00 42.8%
App $280.68 $189.00 32.7%
DB $1,605.89 $307.00 80.9%
Total $2,042.37/mo $585.00/mo 71.3%
1 Realistic Moderate Duty Site (2x web, 2x app, 1x DB, web handles internet, app & DB are internal only). Configuration: The AWS instances utilize r5, m5, and m6i instance types. HorizonIQ servers feature Intel E2286G, Dual Silver 4214R, and Dual Gold 5218 processors, providing an advantage in core counts, RAM, and storage capacity. 2 All server tiers for light use: 16 hours per day, 5 days a week, peaks for 30 minutes, 1 TB outbound transfer. The AWS instances utilize r5, m5, and m6i instance types. HorizonIQ servers feature Intel E2286G, Dual Silver 4214R, and Dual Gold 5218 processors, providing an advantage in core counts, RAM, and storage capacity.

Bare Metal Benefits

Aligning needs and growth plans

Cost Efficient

Enjoy dedicated resources, predictable pricing, and up to 82% annual public cloud cost spend reduction, without the hassle of usage-based charges.

Control over Physical Hardware

Take charge of your hardware with bare metal servers, allowing direct control and fine-tuning at the hardware level. Optimize performance and efficiency to meet your exact needs.

Predictable Performance

Experience consistent performance levels with bare metal servers, eliminating hypervisor overheads and ensuring resources are solely dedicated to your tasks.

Isolation and Security

Protect your data with enhanced isolation, minimizing the risk of security breaches from neighboring tenants or shared resources. Keep your data safe, compliant, and secure.

Empowering your success

The HorizonIQ difference

Global Reach

Deploy where you need help the most across a variety of regions.

100% Uptime SLA

Get peace of mind with our 100% infrastructure and network uptime guarantee.

Ultimate Flexibility and Optimization

Customized configurations to meet your exact needs. Need to scale up? Our team can quickly add new servers to your environment.

Additional Services

We offer a variety of other services including bare metal servers, firewalls, load balancers, DDoS mitigation, and block storage.

Automated Management

Manage servers through the Compass portal including rebooting, OS reinstall, rescue mode, and more.


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