Dec 20, 2011

A Mobile Revolution for All Ages


Mobile revolution for all agesRecently I noticed my two-year-old daughter had learned how to scan through pictures on my wife’s iPhone with great ease by dragging her finger across the touch-screen. Yes folks, I’m here to tell you the mobile revolution is here for all ages. What’s more is people are now expecting all their content (including live video) to be available on their mobile devices.

Nielsen reports that 40% of adult U.S. mobile phone owners currently have a smartphone1, while IMS Research expects that by 2016 smartphones sales will rise by one billion units and comprise half of the mobile handset market2. As mobile devices continue to proliferate the market, businesses must support content delivery across mobile platforms such as iPhone OS, Android and Windows. The question is how do you do this quickly and easily?

Internap recently launched its CDN service for live and Video On Demand (VOD) video streaming to all mobile devices types, including Apple and Android. A CDN service like ours can provide “publish once” capabilities to convert a single file for viewing on multiple devices, streamlining the process and giving content developers the opportunity to reach audiences anywhere.

If customers aren’t already asking for content delivery on their phones or tablets, they soon will be. My two-year-old can already say “Elmo on TV please,” so I can imagine it won’t be long before she asks for “Elmo on phone please.”

140 Percent of U.S. Mobile Users Own Smartphones; 40 Percent are Android
2Global Smartphones Sales Will Top 420 Million Devices in 2011, Taking 28 Percent of all Handsets, according to IMS Research Date: 27 July 2011.

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