Apr 4, 2012

All routes lead to somewhere


First, many thanks to my fellow colleague, Kristen Izzo, for keeping the weekly mashup going while I’ve been in Italy the past two weeks. Fine job Kristen!

Speaking of my trip to Italy, on our last day there we made our way down the narrow streets (I’m talking 1 and ½ cars wide, if that, for TWO LANES OF TRAFFIC) of the Amalfi Coast and then across the packed freeway to Rome, where Mamma Mia, we really experienced some “hair-raising” driving. Nonetheless, we made it to our destination — the airport — for our 11 hour plane ride home.

Whether we were on the cliff roads of Capri, the tiny streets of Sorrento, or the patchwork paths of Positano, it mattered not. Little motor scooters zipped by this way and that. Folks on bicycles navigated the treacherous cobblestoned roads. People on foot zigged and zagged to avoid others. Tiny toy cars (well, they looked like toy cars) performed a ballet of sorts to accommodate the dozens of oversized tour buses showing off the sites of Italy…seriously, there were times when the little cars would reverse on the road until it would allow for both the bus and the car to pass simultaneously. It was crazy. And yet it worked. Not once did we see a fender bender, nor an accident of any kind. (Wait, I take that back. One person in our group fell to the ground when she was looking up rather than where she was walking. But, thankfully, she was fine.)

My point?

Fellow Italians have figured out how to keep the traffic moving and it may look disorganized, but it works, much like we’ve figured out how to optimize the traffic on the Internet. Why am I bringing this up? Because Internet traffic is increasing every day and business needs to be ready for the next big thing that might impact their content and data delivery.

Here is some of what is being said in the media about the growing numbers on the Internet:

For more information on how to put a roadmap in place for your growing traffic bursts or scaling your infrastructure when your business needs it, read our Beyond Nines case study to see how they increased speed, reliability, security and scale with our colocation and IP connectivity solutions.

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