Jan 25, 2012

Are we ready to support 50 billion devices on the Internet?


In January’s issue of Fortune (The Future Issue) there is a great short read on the newly burgeoning role of the “Data Scientist”.  The Data Scientist will manage the overflow of data needed to support the predicted 50 billion devices that are coming online over the next 10 years. Wow, 50 billion devices on the Internet, really?!  Multiple terabytes of data on mobile devices? All in the next ten years?!

Hmmm, it got me to thinking, in my family alone, we have nearly 20 devices on the Internet and the pace is growing rapidly as we consume terabytes of storage.  The next generation of cars and appliances are all connected to the Internet, so yes, the devices are coming and with it a tsunami of data and computing demands.

As IT leaders, we will need more options and flexibility than ever before.  As we explore and adopt cloud in its various forms and better understand how to utilize managed and dedicated hosting, we can prepare for the future.  We need to be ready to support new roles such as Data Scientists. We also need to have computing on demand and flexible storage solutions – not to mention new analytical capabilities to sort through the mountains of data.

If exploring and adopting new forms of computing isn’t on your road map today, I would encourage you to look to the not so distant future and ask yourself: are you ready to lead your company in a world that has 50 billion devices connected to the Internet?

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