Jun 5, 2012

Are we the last generation to have grown up in a “dumb society?”


A networked society seems to be the next frontier in many eyes. In the age of smartphones and clouds, where a new business can be online in a matter of minutes, opportunities are emerging at a speed never seen before. Are we the last generation to know a “dumb society?” The pre-smartphone generation, if you will?

Future generations will only know a world where you can be connected no matter where you are or what you are doing. Today you can send an email launching your new business while catching a cab to the airport. The medical industry is developing sensors that monitor the data coming from our bodies, and by analyzing this data we now have the ability to optimize our medical outcomes and be healthier. In the education space, Ivy League schools publish a video online for thousands, or even millions, to view and learn from. From now on, all future generations will be living in an intelligent, connected era. Everything that can, will have a chip.

The Internet has become central to this smart world we are creating.  That is why the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) decided to focus its efforts on the IP network for the upcoming Inside the Network 2012 Conference & Exhibition. This strategic differentiator enables network operators, service providers and key enterprise customers to cope with the changing business climate. Each year, the community of telecom professionals and technology suppliers come together to attend this unique event.

A strong IP network is more important than ever.  That’s why we’ve developed a one-of-a-kind Internet latency solution. The industry calls it Managed Internet Route OptimizerTM — but our friends call it MIRO.  MIRO analyzes traffic across the Internet and selects the best possible path, every time. Not a bad friend to have, if you ask me!

If you’re in Dallas and want to learn how to keep your business ahead of the curve in this sophisticated-Internap savvy era, visit us at the TIA Inside the Network 2012 Conference and Exhibition June 5-7th in Dallas, Texas, at booth #822.




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