Jan 4, 2011

At the Ready for IPv6


In recent months, there has been a groundswell of urgency around IPv6 as IPv4 addresses fall to critically low levels – below the 5% mark, according to the Number Resource Organization.

So, after years of discussion and a lot of hype, it looks like IPv6 is finally arriving … and fast! At this point, the only question is “when”, and I think we’re going to see carriers, enterprises and device manufacturers alike dramatically accelerate their support efforts.

Carriers specifically are at different stages in the adoption cycle and taking various approaches to the challenge, ranging from full, native IPv6 support to dual-stack traffic sharing and IP tunneling, among others.

At Internap, our global network is already fully prepared for IPv6 traffic, with support built into our private network access points (P-NAPs) around the world. So, we’re ready when our customers are – with the new advantages of IPv6, including improved security and mobility capabilities.

Has the recent urgency about IPv6 caused you to step up your preparation for IPv6? Or, do you think there is still plenty of time?

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