May 18, 2015

Bare-metal AgileSERVERs have arrived on OpenStack

Ansley Kilgore

bare metal openstack VancouverAs bare-metal cloud gains momentum within the OpenStack community, Internap is proud to announce the extension of our bare-metal offerings to the OpenStack platform.

With bare-metal AgileSERVERs from Internap, devops teams can provision and manage bare-metal instances, along with Internap’s AgileCLOUD public cloud instances, through the OpenStack Horizon management dashboard. With up to 10 VLANs, AgileSERVERs offer easier scalability for complete network control, without having to deploy custom infrastructure. And, with hourly billing options, you don’t have to worry about contract terms.

Watch: How to provision bare metal AgileSERVERs through the Horizon dashboard


OpenStack-based bare-metal AgileSERVERs offer developers another IaaS option for building flexible, high-performance environments. Based on observations from our customers as well as validation from third parties, dedicated bare-metal infrastructure provides high levels of consistent performance, which can benefit data-intensive and latency sensitive workloads. This is particularly advantageous for scenarios where transactions must take place within a limited time window, such as big data and adtech use cases.

Flexibility and choice

Extending the benefits of bare metal to OpenStack gives devops teams more flexibility to achieve the required performance for their apps. With dedicated bare-metal server instances, developers can build more customized cloud environments that support a wide range of applications with different needs.


Furthering our commitment to increase OpenStack adoption, our OpenStack-based cloud portfolio – AgileCLOUD and AgileSERVER – will support OpenStack Kilo by the end of this year, giving you even greater scale and hybridization capabilities across the entire OpenStack ecosystem. We believe that a hybrid approach is an efficient way to build a best-fit infrastructure, and look forward to the advantages that interoperability and federated identity support will bring to the OpenStack platform.

Internap has been a pioneer of the bare-metal space, and our developers are among the top 40 contributors to the OpenStack code base with more than 400 commits to date. Providing high-performance infrastructure is our top priority, and we’re excited to bring together our expertise on bare metal and OpenStack.

But don’t just take our word for it. Try bare metal on OpenStack for yourself by signing up for our AgileSERVER beta program.

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