May 9, 2012

Bursting at the seams? Try a cloud diet


Stretched to the max? Running out of room? Carrying around the weight of the world?

Sound like you? Sound like your IT systems?

The good news is it isn’t all bad news. You could be suffering from these symptoms because your business is booming! But keeping up with all the growth can be challenging. Your IT systems are just one cog in the wheel for you, your organization and your employees to keep pace. How in the world can you handle all of it?

Enter your very own cloud superhero! Ok, maybe not. But how about an eBook that provides tips and the top 5 mistakes to avoid when deploying cloud to address your “bursting at the seams” needs? Or one of the articles in my mashup this week that speaks to trends, new offerings and other ways to “trim the fat.”

Ideally, some of these articles will help you set your information technology priorities. But, we’d really be interested in knowing what concerns you most and how you are addressing it.

Information overload? Well, that’s another story…

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