Mar 16, 2012

Cloud: Lessons learned over lunch


Cloud: Lessons learned over lunchI recently presented to an audience of technology executives in Silicon Valley on strategies and considerations for adopting cloud services. This particular session was actually a lunch-and-learn that we jointly conducted with VMware, a partner and integral component of our solutions. Being a very technical savvy audience, we got many interesting and detailed technical questions on a wide range of topics. One basic question was asked that I think is indicative of the confusion in the marketplace regarding cloud services and the capabilities of providers in general. The question was, “How is Internap’s cloud different than the other major public cloud providers in the market?”

Although this session was supposed to be a thought leadership session and not a sales pitch to promote specific Internap or VMware® solutions, I was eager to take the opportunity to explain why we are, in fact, different and better than other major public cloud providers in the market. Simply put it’s the network performance, platform flexibility and world-class support. We deliver bits over the Internet faster than anyone else, and we have more infrastructure service platforms that can match your current and future needs – think future-proofing. We realize that not every one of your applications will be suited to a cloud, public or private. But we do have multiple outsourcing options – from colocation to managed and dedicated hosting to private and public clouds. And finally, we can provide support that goes way beyond the capabilities of most major cloud providers. Our customers consistently view our support team as extensions of their own IT organizations. With other major cloud providers a phone extension may not even possible.

But that’s just our take. What are you looking for in a cloud provider?

Looking for more information on developing your cloud strategy? View the slides from the presentation.

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