Mar 23, 2012

Cloud security: Perception vs. reality


Cloud security: Perception vs. realityHow secure is cloud infrastructure? Is it affected by different threats more than traditional IT? And how does that affect what applications you move to the cloud and how you secure them? There are a lot of perceptions and fears around security, but until now there hasn’t been much hard data.

On March 21st Internap and Alert Logic sponsored a webcast on the Alert Logic State of Cloud Security Report, Spring 2012. This is a new project that looks at actual threat data monitored by Alert Logic to compare on-premise IT with service provider deployments. The goal: to find out if there are any inherent differences between the environments where cloud infrastructure is hosted and traditional IT.

Alert Logic took a full year of data from its customer base and looked at the number and type of security incidents for customers in service provider vs. on-premise environments. This data represents real threats (validated by security analysts) against real customer infrastructure, and the results are interesting and sometimes surprising.

This report, and this webcast, are a great chance to replace perceptions with some data-driven observations – essential for making good decisions about hosting and cloud deployments and security strategies for them. Internap’s John Freimuth and I discussed the top threats in each type of environments, the differences in threat types and diversity, and what it means as you think about deploying in the cloud.

If you missed the webcast, view the instant replay and get some real data on cloud security – the Alert Logic State of Cloud Security Report can be downloaded at

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