Jul 21, 2011

Have You Ever Been to Expediatravelocityorbitz.com?


Have you ever been to the website Expediatravelocityorbitz.com?

What about Bestbuytargetwalmart.com?

Of course you are shaking your head “no,” but I bet you have and many of your customers and would-be customers have too. I can prove it.

Time and again we hear from customers, we talk to end users and we read reports and surveys that tell the same story about website performance. Look no further than this statistic from the travel industry:

59% of consumers multi-task when waiting for a travel site to load. Nearly one in five open another travel site in a new window when made to wait.

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Need more evidence?

Ask yourself how many times you have clicked away from a website when a page took too long to load. Ask yourself how many times you then went to at least two other websites.

Performance does matter. It matters down to the second for many travel companies, online retailers, media companies and even down to the millisecond for software companies, financial companies and gaming companies.

End users expect your website to be highly responsive, interactive and informational. They expect rich graphics and video that show what your products or services can do for them. They want page clicks to be as responsive as turning pages in a digital magazine.

Now consider your business. The impact of a 1-second delay in performance here doesn’t just apply to the travel industry. For any industry, if your website typically earns $100,000 a day, this year you could lose $2.5 million in sales!

Performance is critical. Take the steps to make sure the only website your potential customers want is YourBusiness.com.

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