Apr 22, 2014

Customer spotlight: AppLovin powers personalized recommendations with bare-metal cloud

Ansley Kilgore

Applovin_Logo_300x150As a fast growing mobile advertising platform, AppLovin processes more than 7 billion ad requests and moves 10 terabytes of data through their system every day. Their solution enables brands to provide highly personalized recommendations, offers and promotions to mobile consumers. By combining known shopping behavior with data insights from customers’ interactions across multiple screens – smartphone, tablet and computer – AppLovin delivers accurate and effective ad targeting and retargeting.

For Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) like AppLovin, timing is everything. With a direct correlation between speed of ad delivery and conversion rate, ads must be served quickly – within 100 milliseconds of the initial request – to reach the target demographic. As an example, if a mobile user is looking at travel deals via a smartphone app, the AppLovin solution can instantly retarget based on past consumer behavior. This dynamic, targeted approach increases the likelihood that a consumer will find what they’re looking for and make a purchase. Analyzing high volumes of data and making smart decisions within a short timeframe requires a reliable, high-performance Internet infrastructure with geographic diversity and scalability.

To accommodate their growing business, AppLovin needed the flexibility to expand into global locations without sacrificing performance. They looked to replace their virtual cloud environment with bare-metal cloud in order to achieve this. MoPub, an ad exchange company and Internap customer, suggested that AppLovin evaluate Internap solutions, and AppLovin now uses Internap Agile services in Santa Clara, New York and Amsterdam.

Geographic diversity
With long-term plans for worldwide scale, AppLovin can expand into Internap’s global locations as their business grows. The ability to establish an infrastructure that is physically closer to customers, partners and RTB (Real Time Bidding) exchanges reduces latency and helps AppLovin respond to and process ad requests within 100ms. Learn more about the dynamics of ad exchanges with DSPs and SSPs here.

Price performance
After running tests in their own environment, AppLovin found that their ad serving front-end application could handle at least 3x more traffic and accommodate increased memory capacity by using Internap bare-metal servers, compared with their previous virtualized cloud environment. Using fewer servers with less resource sharing resulted in reduced volatility and better performance across all tiers of their infrastructure.

Reliability and service relationship
In addition to the global data center locations and high performance bare-metal servers, Internap provides AppLovin with 24/7 global support. Proactive communication and responsiveness are essential to AppLovin, even more so than a SLA or uptime guarantee. While many large-scale public cloud providers have support and customization limitations, Internap’s knowledgeable support team makes sure AppLovin has the hardware and equipment that best fits their needs.

The combination of Internap bare-metal servers, global presence and reliable 24/7 support enable AppLovin to deliver measurable results to their customers. With the right infrastructure in place, AppLovin is well-positioned to scale their business in the future and operate with low latency and better performance.

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