Sep 4, 2013

Customer Spotlight: Realview TV launches StudentBridge using CDN

Ansley Kilgore

Realview TV launches StudentBridge using CDNRealview TV specializes in creating and delivering custom online video experiences to help their clients strategically connect with target audiences. Jonathan Clues, CEO, has believed for a long time that video is poised to take over the Internet and now sees the tides changing in the near future as demand increases for more interactive, video-based web experiences. Static websites as we know them will become a thing of the past.

In support of this strategy, Realview TV recently launched StudentBridge, which connects prospective college students with educational institutions. With today’s students visiting on average 30 college websites while researching their choices, access to compelling information regarding the campus and its culture is essential for differentiation. Through branded online video experiences such as virtual campus tours, StudentBridge helps traditional universities strategically promote themselves, while also helping prospective students research and make better decisions about their ideal school.

With more than 1 million videos viewed per month, StudentBridge requires a reliable Content Delivery Network (CDN) to distribute such large amounts of online content. As an Internap customer since 2006, Realview TV uses the CDN to store and deliver rich media files across multiple devices.

The content cloud
According to Clues, the future vision for StudentBridge is to establish multiple distribution outlets and become the content cloud for their clients. This would allow universities to store content on the StudentBridge CDN and seamlessly deliver it to users via different platforms, including social media outlets, websites and mobile devices.

While many universities and businesses are using YouTube to host their online videos, StudentBridge’s content cloud approach offers a more targeted way to drive results. Even though YouTube is an effective way to do research online, it also serves as a search engine that provides information on similar companies and services. This means consumers that are actively looking at video content about your organization on YouTube are also seeing information about your competition. With a CDN, businesses can drive users to their own environment and have a higher degree of control over the content (tweet this). This type of strategy will allow StudentBridge clients to achieve better results through more targeted messaging.

StudentBridge is headquartered in the USA with a satellite office in London. With the global capabilities of Internap’s CDN, they are well-prepared to expand into international markets. CDNs are purpose-built for distributing rich media to origin points in geographically dispersed locations, allowing StudentBridge to provide quality online video to students around the world.

As online content continues to become more video-centric, having a strategic plan that governs how your organization is perceived by users is essential. Consumers will keep consulting the Internet as a first step in many buying decisions, and businesses of all types, including universities, need to deliver the right content to the right audience in order to stay competitive.

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