Oct 9, 2014

Customer spotlight: Taptica drives ROI for mobile advertisers with bare-metal servers

Ansley Kilgore

tapica-mobile-advertisersAs a mobile user acquisition platform, Taptica enables brands and app developers to target, engage and acquire mobile users. Founded in 2012, the company’s proprietary technology incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide meaningful insights from user data, activity and demographics.

Taptica receives more than 400 billion real-time ad requests per month, and the amount of big data that must be processed continues to grow as the company gains more customers and exchange partners. To accommodate the increasing volume of requests, Taptica required a high-performance, scalable infrastructure with low latency to ensure the best results for its customers.

For real-time ad exchanges and mobile advertisers, every millisecond counts. Taptica needs to ensure that ad requests are completed in less than 100ms, which requires high CPU usage and disk I/O, along with consistent performance at web scale. After conducting tests with standard third-party tools, Taptica concluded that Internap’s bare-metal servers provided the best performance regarding CPU, physical memory and disk I/O compared with the larger commodity public cloud providers they had been using. Today, Taptica has transitioned the vast majority of its infrastructure to Internap.

By running their devops and all R&D testing on Internap, Taptica can ensure the same level of performance when moving from a staging environment to live production with no surprises. Having dedicated instances that allow the company to use 100% of the CPU is critical to their operations.

400 billion requests per month and growing
Taptica also discovered that bare-metal servers from Internap are a more cost-effective option that enables scalability for future growth. While many companies choose a service provider based on their needs today, Taptica wanted an infrastructure that would not restrict business growth and expansion.

Data center locations
With a large customer and partner presence near New York, Internap’s Secaucus, N.J. data center was a logical geographic choice for Taptica. The company is currently hosted in Secaucus and Amsterdam.

With all the right locations and the best price performance, Taptica’s chief technology officer, Tomer Weizman, concluded that “Internap is the Mercedes of the data center.”

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