May 10, 2013

Data center disaster preparedness: documented emergency plans – part 2 (video)

Ansley Kilgore

Watch Bill Brown, VP, Data Center Operations at Internap, discuss the keys to data center disaster preparedness and the importance of having a documented emergency response plan.

When considering a colocation provider, be sure to ask for a written copy of their emergency and disaster response plan. The plan should provide details of preparation in case of an event. For example, in a weather related emergency, Internap enacts our response plan 96 hours in advance. This involves bringing in additional staff, supplies and conducting drills to make sure we have all the resources and people required for the situation. At Internap, we have our documented response plans on file and are more than willing to share with you.

Review your plan regularly
To keep your disaster plan strong, it should be reviewed and updated regularly. Problems should be identified, and the plan should be strengthened based on your findings. Internap updates our plan a few times a year to make sure it’s current. We also provide training for our employees on a semiannual basis so that we are well-prepared with a documented plan in case we have to react to an emergency.

In our previous video, Bill Brown discussed the importance of disaster-resistant design and infrastructure. Next week’s video will focus on having mock disaster drills as part of a strong data center disaster preparedness plan.

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