Jun 29, 2012

Data drives demand — all the way to the west coast


Data drives demand -- all the way to the west coastIt’s no secret demand for data center space is on the rise. The technological capacity to store information has roughly doubled about every three years since the 1980s, to the point that 90% of the data that exists on Earth has been created in the last two years alone, according to IBM. Pretty amazing to think about. Co-founder and CEO Hossein Fateh of Dupont Fabros Technology, one of the wholesale data center sector’s largest players said, “We believe that cloud computing, gaming, data retention and processing will continue to grow significantly year over year.” Mr. Fateh, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve written about the demands of big data before and can attest first hand to the influx of gaming clients and cloud computing requests here at Internap. The need for additional data center space isn’t something we see slowing down anytime soon.

In fact, we’re getting closer and closer to the launch of our 10th data center, and the excitement is building — literally. Construction is well under way as we prepare to set up shop in Los Angeles — Hollywood baby! The addition of this facility located in the Redondo Beach area will give us 55,000 more square feet of highly-scalable and highly-efficient raised floor space, expanding our growing family of premier Internap data centers located in New York, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle and Silicon Valley.

The skinny on our newest addition? The L.A. data center is tracking LEED Platinum certification, the highest level of LEED certification available. With the ability to support 12kW at the rack level, the advanced infrastructure design boasts concurrent maintainability, which takes reliability to a whole new level. Plus it will come already fit for hybrid hosting — giving clients the ability to connect colocation, managed hosting and cloud environments into one secure, locked-down Layer 2 Virtual LAN (VLAN) connection. L.A. will also feature some of the most posh amenities I’ve heard of in a data center including an espresso bar, Xbox lounge and multiple customer work areas.

I recently had a chance to get the scoop on this new facility from some of the key players involved in its design and construction. Check out what they had to say in this video.



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