Oct 31, 2012

Day 2 Sandy update: Internap NYC data centers


Hurricane SeasonThe last 24 hours have been challenging for everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. Our thoughts and support go to those impacted in life changing ways. We have been working around the clock since the storm hit to restore connectivity for our customers.

Currently, power and connectivity have been restored at our 75 Broad facility. All customers should be up and operational at this time, working as expected on generator power. We have over 40 hours of fuel onsite with a second truck waiting to refuel the current tank as necessary.

At our 111 8th data center, we experienced an outage last night due to building-fed fuel system malfunctioning. When the issue occurred, the fuel pumps could not provide diesel to the rooftop generators, causing them to stop supplying power to our UPS system. Once battery backup was exhausted, our infrastructure lost power.

The incident caused a loss of IP connectivity for several service points until power to our P-NAPĀ® was restored. At this point, we have connectivity restored for all customers and power restored to the majority of our data center customers. We continue to work with vendors to bring the entire site back online.

Thank you to everyone involved in this effort from customers to vendors to employees to the ever-resilient New York community. We will continue to keep you updated with details and status as the situation evolves.

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