May 18, 2012

Deploying cloud and dedicated servers in Internap’s Santa Clara, California data center- Part two


Deploying Cloud and Dedicated Servers in Internap's Santa Clara, California Data Center- Part TwoIn my previous post I gave a shout out to the crew at our Silicon Valley data center. As a new member of the Internap team, I was certainly glad for the extra hand the on-site team provided when deploying our cloud and dedicated servers. In this post, I’ll explain how geography comes into play when offering these services.

 Why Geography Matters

A great advantage of having hosting and cloud services around the world, is that we can situate a customer’s hosting installation strategic to their core audience or user group, or even data partner (think financial services for trading apps or latency-sensitive applications). With the addition of Santa Clara and Dallas to our existing sites in New York, Amsterdam and Singapore, Internap and Voxel together now provide one of the best hosting footprints available in the marketplace. What’s unique about the Internap/Voxel offering is that you can spin up dedicated or cloud hosting environments in all of these global hosting facilities using our desktop tool or the new Agile Hosting online configurator and get the same server specs, performance baselines and pricing model, regardless of location.

Deploying Cloud and Dedicated Servers in Internap's Santa Clara, California Data Center- Part Two

A few quick and dirty tests show that hosting in our Santa Clara center (powered by a peering rich IP backbone and Managed Intelligent Route Optimizer™ (MIRO) technology offers excellent ping times to Internet destinations not only in the Western US, but all the way over to Asia and Australia:

  • 110ms to Tokyo (
  • 145ms to Australia (
  • 180ms to Singapore (
  • 70ms to New York (
  • 40ms to Texas (
  • 20ms to Seattle (
  • 4.5ms to San Francisco (

And with California being the top Internet usage state in the US (which is itself, the top Internet using country in the world) it’s good to be so close to so many eyeballs.

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