Feb 7, 2013

Does your data center provider have what it takes to prevent disaster?


iStock_network_server_room_IT_300x1501Threats to business continuity can take place any time of year, so it’s important to always be prepared. If you are seeking a new data center provider or merely reevaluating your existing one, there are several questions you should ask to determine their ability to prevent a disruption to your critical business operations in the event of a disaster – whether natural or man-made.

Unexpected events are inevitable, but by selecting the right data center partner, you can minimize the impact of these events on your business. The keys to disaster preparedness for a data center provider are:

1) infrastructure design,
2) documented response plans,
3) mock disaster drills,
4) preventative maintenance,
5) clear communications and last, but certainly not least,
6) the right people.

All of these elements should be in place, well-documented where necessary and audited by a third-party firm consistent with Service Organization Controls (SOC) reporting standards. To learn more and get specifics about each of the above, download our eBook, Data center disaster preparedness: 6 assurances you should look for in a data center provider.

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