Sep 5, 2012

Don’t wait — another hurricane is already forming


iStock_storm_dark_clouds_rain_300x150Last week, as folks were bracing for Isaac and what wrath he would bring to Louisiana, Mississippi and beyond, my mashup referenced making other preparations – those beyond the personal – that are necessary to avoid data loss. But for many it may have been too late. According to a comment on a related article: “Most everybody who has a good disaster recovery plan, has gone through one or more disasters before doing so.”

So, if you were one of the lucky ones, we are happy you made it through. But you may not the next time. Sure, Isaac may have lost his strength, but his leftovers are still flooding parts of our nation and a full week later folks are still suffering the personal and business impacts. Now is the time to ensure your business is storm-ready.

Hurricane season remains in full swing until late November — in fact today CNN reports that Leslie has strengthened to a hurricane. So, don’t wait to make your preparations. To help you get started check out our Disaster Preparedness eBook.

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