Apr 11, 2012

Don’t we all wish we had a money tree?


For some, I don’t think it matters. One only needs to look to Facebook acquiring Instagram yesterday for a cool billion – yes, billion – in cash and stock, to know there is still a lot of money being spent. But as the IRS tax deadline looms and companies are releasing their first quarter earnings for 2012, I am reminded that most of us would welcome ideas – big or small – for cost savings in both our personal and professional lives. In fact, one tweet on Monday summed it up well:

“Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion & didn’t notice the expense. You bought a latte for $3 & held your breath as they swiped your card.”


So my focus today is how businesses can save on capital expenses and overhead costs by maintaining their technological systems more efficiently. An outsourced solution is making more and more “cents” to companies as fiscally-responsible organizations are embracing the potential offered by various IT services, including the cloud. Cloud computing, software delivery platforms and other cloud hosting programs have emerged as wildly popular enterprise IT models, according to a recent article. And there’s more:

So next time you are “tightening your belt” or “pinching pennies,” consider the many IT Infrastructure options available to help you run your business more cost-effectively. Have you come across an interesting article about this topic? Please feel free to share!

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