Apr 30, 2014

Enhanced CDN web acceleration delivers speed, scale and reliability


CDN web accelerationEfficiently distributing web content to your intended audience just got easier! Internap’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) has received a significant web acceleration upgrade, giving you a wide range of options to deliver content without sacrificing the security and control that you expect. Based on NginxTM, our new high-performance HTTP caching engine provides even more reliability than before under heavy traffic loads. In addition, our new 100% SSD caching infrastructure has made our CDN even faster and more scalable.

Improved management tools and new features
This upgrade includes a variety of new features aimed to provide all the tools you need to customize and manage your sites and content. Use these features through the user-friendly interface design of our portal, which allows you to upload, manage and deliver all of your media formats through a single, easy-to-navigate system. The portal also provides robust analytics and sophisticated reporting all from a single dashboard.

Our CDN upgrade includes more than 30 new features, including:

  • Cascading origins: Our CDN will check multiple customer origins, in the order you specify, for the right data so that your users can always find the content they are looking for.
  • Error page customization: Improve the user experience of your content by customizing the error pages in your site by setting personalized messaging for 400 and 500 errors.
  • IP and Referrer whitelist/blacklist restrictions: As deep linking continues to proliferate through the Internet, use our whitelist and blacklist restrictions to protect your sensitive content and ensure it falls in the right hands.
  • Per-site default expiration time: Quickly and easily customize your cache behavior by setting an expiration date for caching.
  • Custom and Shared SSL certificates: Our SSL certificates are more flexible than ever! Configure unlimited sites and origins that match Internap’s shared certificate.

Technology, product and pricing integration
Together with our Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ (MIRO) technology, which dynamically selects the most efficient network route, Internap’s CDN delivers your content to end users fast. Edge caching and IP route optimization technologies are highly complementary. The CDN carries static content (e.g., image files, web objects, software downloads) closer to end users so those bits don’t need to travel long distances with every click. Our route optimized IP handles delivery of content from the origin to the edge or end users when the content is more dynamic. Not only that, bundling our IP and CDN with a blend of virtual and bare-metal cloud, hosting and colocation services can further extend your content’s reach by placing compute, memory and storage across the globe.

In addition, if you are one of our Agile customers and have already enrolled in Universal Transfer, all traffic, including IP and CDN, will conveniently be billed as part of your universal transfer account.

This release is the result of a lot of work over the past 24 months, so we are particularly excited to bring you this great news! We hope you enjoy the new features and benefits of this enhanced solution. Find out more here.

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