Dec 30, 2014

Three tips for evaluating colocation providers

Ansley Kilgore

Watch Internap’s Randy Ortiz, VP of data center design and engineering, discuss the important features to look for when evaluating colocation providers.

Before you begin investigating colocation facilities, you should have a basic understanding of your connectivity, fiber, and power requirements. This will help you make the best decision for your data center services.

Ask the right questions to make sure the facility meets your requirements.

  1. How many carriers will you have access to in the facility?
  2. What is the power capacity that the facility can withstand? Data centers with higher power density allow you to grow your colocation footprint in place, without purchasing additional square footage.
  3. How modular and flexible is the facility? One important aspect of modular design is concurrent maintainability, which becomes important when it’s time for a colocation facility to expand. Anytime you grow the space, add or upgrade equipment, there are risks. Certain equipment must be taken offline for maintenance or upgrade, and concurrent maintainability is designed to duplicate points of failure and prevent outages.


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