Jan 20, 2015

eXelate turns big data into action for digital marketers

Ansley Kilgore

BDX2014-logo-5-small-111714The value of big data continues to gain momentum for enterprises across a variety of industries, and the world of digital marketing is no exception. The ability to extract actionable business insights from large data streams is fast becoming the most powerful tool for marketers to connect and engage with prospects and customers.

As the leading independent data platform, eXelate is empowering marketers to leverage the value of data for the digital advertising industry. Through their research and development advancements, as well as industry partnerships, eXelate has forged ahead to the sweet spot where marketing, big data and technology overlap.

eXelate’s annual Big Data eXposed event offers insight into the architecture that powers big data innovation, and provides a forum for entrepreneurs and industry leaders to share their expertise and shape the future of online data analytics.

The infrastructure driving big data
In order to effectively leverage data for better insights and increased revenue, the eXelate solution relies on high-performance infrastructure designed with the needs of big data in mind. The ability to extract, analyze and load massive amounts of information and transform it into meaningful, actionable insights requires a scalable IT infrastructure and database platform with consistent compute, storage and networking capabilities.

Price performance considerations
Traditional virtual public cloud solutions are not able to provide the high levels of throughput and processing power required by eXelate. To run big data workloads in a cost-effective manner while still achieving optimal performance, eXelate uses a combined solution from Internap and Aerospike to quickly deploy high-performance applications and get the best price to performance ratio. Internap bare-metal servers and Aerospike NoSQL databases provide a scalable, on-demand platform that enables eXelate to make big data actionable for its global customer base.

As the influence of big data on digital marketing continues to grow, the underlying technology behindĀ online data analytics will become increasingly important. eXelate and its partners remain committed to software and architecture innovations that can empower marketers to increase revenue and improve customer engagement.

Download the Cloud Spectator Benchmark Report to learn the advantages of running big data workloads in bare-metal environments.

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