Apr 11, 2013

F1 returns to China, fans rejoice

Ansley Kilgore

F1 returns to ChinaIt has been three agonizingly long weeks for Formula One fans as we anxiously await this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix. Long breaks between race weekends are never any fun for fans, but this break has been particularly maddening. Why? Because we are only two races into the season and both races so far have been all kinds of awesome to say the least.

The season opened with a surprise winner of the Australian Grand Prix – Kimi Räikkönen, who became the focus of much attention last season with his now infamous retort, “leave me alone, I know what I’m doing!” A fellow F1 fan even sent me a button with the phrase emblazoned on it. Well, apparently Kimi knew exactly what he was doing in Australia. We barely had time to catch our breath and then it was on to the Malaysian Grand Prix where utter chaos ensued in the pits and a new catch phrase was born. Welcome “multi-21” to the F1 vernacular.

So how does a fan half-way across the world keep up? Well, it’s all about the F1 digital ecosystem where online information and updates are rampant, opinions and analysis are readily available and fans are whipped into a frenzy – at least this fan is, anyway.

Our friends over at Sahara Force India (SFI) certainly understand that engaging their global fan base is key, which means their website is of utmost importance. At Internap, we get to be part of the F1 action through our relationship with SFI. We provide them with an online performance package for their website that includes Managed Hosting, Performance IPTM, and a Content Delivery Network (CDN). With the support of Internap’s IT Infrastructure services, SFI can engage its global fan base via www.saharaforceindiaf1.com with videos, photos, blogs and much more.

So the next time you are scouring the web and social media sites for the information you crave, remember that your online experience is powered by some serious IT muscle. The right technology and infrastructure need to be in place so that you can interact with your favorite F1 teams and drivers and become part of the virtual global fan base.

How will I get the inside scoop from the pitlane and paddock this race weekend? Check out Force India on Twitter, Facebook and of course at www.saharaforceindiaf1.com.

To learn more about Internap’s partnership with Sahara Force India, watch our video.

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