Feb 15, 2012

FUD, fallacies and facts about Cloud security – a mashup


As evidenced by the large number of articles of late about the fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding the cloud, and of course, the hype, I am providing our blog readers with a mashup of IT industry news on a variety of topics pertaining to cloud computing, data center facilities and other areas of the “biz.” Starting today and every Wednesday hereafter, check out our blog for a compilation of the latest trending topics being covered by online media, other bloggers, etc.

So, what’s on tap this week? Well, there was, and continues to be, a lot expressed about cloud security. Read what some of the experts, leaders and others (Computer World, eWeek, Techworld, etc.) are saying about security when it comes to the cloud.

Here are some recent articles about cloud security:

Just want the bottom line? Some state that the cloud security concerns are “overblown and nebulous.” One blogger said they are “nothing more than age-old IT issues in a new form.” Still others say “this trend is simply toward a change in the way IT works,” and “providers are coming up with new ways to keep everything tight.”

So is it all much ado about nothing? You decide. And, if you have a different point of view, feel free to comment.

Check back next week for another mashup – same time, same place – on the latest buzz in the IT industry. Want me to “mashup” a particular topic of interest to you? Happy to oblige, just let me know.

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