Jan 3, 2013

Game publishers turning to web content, making managed hosting essential


Video game content is no longer about what you see while actually playing the game. During the past few years, more and more developers and publishers have been implementing web and mobile sites that allow users to interact with their games anytime. As these types of community interaction methods become more popular, Managed Hosting solutions (layered with great performance options) become important for game publishers. Let me explain.

Using web content to supplement game experiences
EA Sports is a prime example of the trend toward supplementing game content on the web. Over the course of the past few years, the company has used various web systems in conjunction with its Madden and NCAA Football franchises. These solutions have ranged from team-building platforms that let users load teams into the game to blog pages that track happenings in online leagues and allow players to do write-ups of league games and seasons.

The technical ramifications of web-based experiences
These types of web systems offer video game enthusiasts the ability to get involved in their games in more ways. For example, somebody commuting to work using public transit or on the bus to school can use a tablet or smartphone to access the mobile version of the website and interact with friends involved in the league and keep up with what is going on with teams. It is also the kind of thing that more developers and publishers are experimenting with in other genres.

However, using web-based content to supplement the in-game experience also puts pressure on the publisher to not only host the data-rich systems, but also ensure they are available and secure. Most game developers and publishers do not consider maintaining a data center a core competency. As a result, it can be difficult to afford and manage the types of web systems needed to get end users the content they want in a way that makes them happy. Another area that publishers forget to consider is the IP and Content Delivery Network (CDN) that their games are traveling over. There are differences, and they matter.

This is where Managed Hosting plans can pay major dividends. A cloud or Dedicated Hosting plan can give game developers and publishers the server space and customization capabilities they need to create content that can meaningfully supplement their games and engage users. Layer that with Performance IP and CDN and you have an excellent platform to deliver your gaming solution. This adds value to the game experience and creates revenue opportunities. Managed Hosting + Performance IP and content delivery is the winning ticket in gaming.

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