Nov 9, 2012

Help us help others – spread the word


Help us help others - spread the wordI know many are still storm-stricken, dealing with the aftermath of superstorm Sandy and now Wednesday’s Nor’easter. Our heartfelt thoughts go out to those who haven’t, and probably won’t for a very long time, recovered. For those of us not in the area, one only need look at before and after photos to see the devastation and destruction. So many of you have been, and continue to be, out there on the front lines to bring back some semblance of “normal” to the affected areas. We want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you.

But what has been most inspiring is the spirit of camaraderie, the willingness to come together for the greater good. There were countless acts of kindness by neighbors and strangers alike. While some things have returned to operation, today, still some one million children are in shelters and hundreds of thousands are without power in the region. Clearly, there is still a long, long road to recovery ahead.

Just the basics: food, water, clothing and shelter are still hard to come by, not to mention medicine, supplies and other necessities. So, for those who want to help or need it, here is some information:

By the way, if you are looking for work space with power and Internet access, our NY office on 29 Broadway is available. Please direct message @Internap on twitter for more details.

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