Jul 7, 2015

How efficient is your IP traffic? Find out before it’s too late

Ansley Kilgore

Your online apps are designed for speed, but the Internet isn’t.

Today’s high-performance applications require speed to provide the best experience for end users. From online shopping to gaming, the consequences of increased latency can be devastating: two seconds of website delay can result in 4% fewer customer conversions, which means less revenue for your business. In the online gaming industry, 50 additional milliseconds of latency can double the rate of game abandonment.

High-impact disruptions

A multi-homed environment that routes traffic through multiple ISPs can reduce latency, but it doesn’t guarantee that your IP traffic is traveling on the most efficient route. Additionally, setting up and maintaining your own route optimization requires you to deal directly with multiple third-party carriers, which isn’t always cost efficient. Managing multiple vendors and contracts can be an administrative nightmare.

Check your online traffic with the IP Performance Monitor

But latency issues aren’t the only villains that could hijack your Internet performance. Trouble spots in specific geographic locations can lead to global slowdowns and service disruptions. Last month, the Level 3 network experienced widespread problems as the result of increased BGP packet loss in Asia. In the San Francisco bay area, fiber optic cables have been cut 11 times in the past year, and whether accidental or intentional, this has caused significant problems.

Avoidance tactics

While you can’t prevent these mishaps, you can avoid them. Internap’s Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO) technology evaluates latency, packet loss and route stability in real time to select the best route to your destination. With analytics that constantly adapt to changing network conditions, you can reach end users faster, more efficiently and with greater redundancy.
IP traffic

Check your IP performance

How do you know if your web traffic is using the most efficient route? The IP Performance Monitor shows you the paths your carriers take to your IP address or website. If you’re already using multiple carriers, use it to compare how each one is performing. The IP Performance Monitor gives you a behind-the-scenes look into how MIRO works and how to avoid trouble spots before they impact your online traffic.

Get started with the IP Performance Monitor.

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