Aug 29, 2012

Hurricane Isaac preparedness to disaster recovery – are you ready?


So based on the title I’m assuming you are assuming I’m referring to personal preparation – securing your home, buying all the needed pre- and post-storm supplies, gathering necessary paperwork to contact your insurance company, etc., etc. – to ride out the storm and get back to normal as quickly as possible in the aftermath.

Well, yes. But I’m also referring to your business-critical data and content. I’ve covered this topic in some previous mashups earlier this year: “Ready or not the storm is coming” and “It’s hurricane season – will the wind blow and blow and blow your roof down?” but it bears repeating. Can you recover quickly should a hurricane or other natural disaster hit your IT Infrastructure and put it out of commission? As you can imagine there is no dearth of information on the matter, and this week’s mashup includes some of the more recent articles on the topic.

Good luck if you are one of those bracing for, or impacted by, Isaac. We’ll all hope for the best. Oh, and for future reference, there’s no need to suffer data loss if you have the right components of a DR plan in place. We’re here to help you with ensuring business continuity around the clock and through any storm. Also, please take a peek at our Disaster Preparedness eBook.

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